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Sokolof Remtulla Stengel, LLC is a full service law firm that focuses its practice in creditor’s rights litigation and real estate litigation, as well as title disputes, evictions, and bankruptcy. The firm is a licensed attorney title agent and member with The Fund. Sokolof Remtulla Stengel’s clients include mortgage servicers, banks, tax deed companies, developers, and builders. The firm’s partners have experience litigating diverse areas of law from intellectual property disputes to insurance subrogation claims. Sokolof Remtulla Stengel believes that excellence is earned by perseverance, dedication, and positivity. The attorneys at Sokolof Remtulla Stengel take pride in thinking outside the box as the grey area of business and law oftentimes gets complicated. At Sokolof Remtulla Stengel the glass is always half full. Together we will find a solution.

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